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Enjoy your Thai wife: learn all you need to know and do to get yourself a Thai wife.

Where to find a Thai wife? Obviously you will meet Thai women in Thailand. You don’t need to go to Thailand to find Thai brides: every Asian dating online website will have some pretty Thai personals to chat with.

However, living in Thailand for one month doesn’t have to cost you more than $600 dollar according to Martin Hurley.

Martin is an Aussie living and loving in Thailand and author of the ebooks: Living in Thailand on less than $600 a month and Your Thai Girl: A simple guide to meeting a Thai woman.

Once you are in Thailand, Thai ladies will automatically spot the new "foreigner" or farang as they say.


Thailand girls love "farangs"!

thai wifeHow to take advantage of being a lovely foreigner in Thailand?

Since you are "the odd one out" in Thailand, why not take full advantage of that? This is how Martin Hurley triples his dating success with Thai singles in Thailand:

In stead of wearing a T-shirt that says: "I kiss for beer", why not get yourself some online T-shirts printed with e.g. the name of your website? Anybody who spots you and really wants to contact you, will go to your website. And it’s surely less "in your face" than a T-shirt that would simply state: "please date me, this is my email address", not to mention the amount of weird emails you will get from God knows who, trying to sell you God knows what. Anyway, what I am trying to say here is: if you really want to stand out, try thinking out of the box :-)

Where to find a Thai wife online?

To find your future Thai bride online, subscribe to:

To speed up your chances in meeting genuine Thai people, we do recommend CherryBlossoms with awesome profiles from Thailand and other Asian countries:

7 online dating tips to find a Thai wife

  1. Discard Thai personals where a Thailand girl writes "Me crazy gurl" or "I do much crazy things". If you are browsing through Asian personal in order to find Thai women for marriage, you don’t simply want a crazy beautiful Thai women who don’t even know how to write an English sentence of 3 words without errors.
    Only when you are "crazy" yourself, go for your "crazy" match :-)
    Thai personals
    Crazy Thai Personals
  2. Get up front in any singles sites by adding a few pictures in your profile that describe you and your hobbies without further words needed.
  3. Get a decent webcam. Most on line dating websites offer chat and for sure the paid dating services include webcam chat. A decent webcam shows exactly who you are in your daily environment and it works fine on Skype as well!
    Thai Chat
    Never chat to more than 1 Thai girl when using your webcam: Thai women are smart and will see your eyes looking at different directions, typing words that don’t show up on your Thai girl’s screen…
  4. Age does matter. As a rule of thumb: don’t look for Asian personals that are more than 7 years your younger. Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule of thumb!
  5. Get yourself an email account for dating purposes only. Just to make your life easier and more focused on finding your Thai love. 
  6. If you want a traditional Thai girl to be your bride, then don’t go for online dating, but use good old fashioned mail order brides, snail mail penpals and dating services.
    Thai Penpals
    Thai Penpals
  7. Know what you want. Thai women are very photogenic, so finding beautiful Thai women is easy. Do state what else you want and what you are looking for. If you are a foreigner, Thai woman for marriage won’t know what expectations you bring into the relationship and you better ask her what expectations she brings into it.

Always meet your Thai wife in Thailand

When your Asian friend turns out to be more than just a friend, it’s time for you to meet your future wife up front and personal in Thailand. Why in Thailand?

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