Picking up Japanese women in Hawaii

Chatting on the Internet I got asked how to pick up Japanese women in Hawaii. The chatter was on holiday in Hawaii and well, for all the beautiful Hawaiian girls out there, he wanted to pick up Japanese women.


Because he found Japanese girls equally beautiful and was in for a holiday date in stead of getting committed to a local Hawaiian girl.

But why was he asking me, a girl from Penang, Malaysia: he should be asking me about picking up women in Penang…

Yet for an ‘awkward reason’ he thought I was Japanese as well. Maybe I should stop using "konitshiwa" as an opening sentence whilst chatting away :-)

picking up japanese women in hawaii 

3 tips for picking up Japanese women in Hawaii

  1. Go and study Japanese in a University of Hawaii. Knowing a few words in Japanese surely will get their attention. Especially when their English isn’t perfect.
  2. Get yourself a male Japanese accomplish. Then start looking for Japanese girls "in distress" because they fail to express themselves in English. It’s there where your Japanese friends can help them out. Of course your Japanese friend sooner or later will be "in a hurry to leave", so you are left with guiding the Japanese girls around further.
  3. Have fun, I mean you are in a holiday paradise which on its own is already the icing on the cake. So just have fun in trying to make a conversation: Japanese girls will all but bully you off when you keep your manners. If you are successful, good for you, if not, you surely will get some smiles to make your day :-)

 picking up japanese women in hawaii

 Just enjoy the fun of conversation when picking up Japanese women in Hawaii :
you are in paradise already :-)

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