Meet Thai Women

Meet Thai Women

Would you like to meet Thai women and having them feed you fresh peaches, watermelons, mangoes, pineapple or … forbidden fruits?

Then now is the time to board a plane and fly to Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai (Chiengmai) : the worst of the rainy season is over and more importantly: the holiday peak season just finished.

Meaning that all the Thai women around are still plentiful, but almost all your western competitors are all back in good old England or the US :-)

So now you haven’t much dating competitors, how about meeting Thai girls, how do you pick them up and how do you date them?

Meet Thai women online

The easiest way is meeting them online first: when they are eager to see you, you immediately are on a date from the moment you land in Thailand! Sign up at our free Thai online dating page or any other free Thai dating sites for that matter.

If you don’t have the patience and want to try your luck straight away in Thailand, that is an option as well. Now don’t try your luck meeting beautiful Thai women in bars and other dark places. That’s where you go for a beer and could end up with a ladyboy.

All you need to do is make sure you are presentable and don’t dress like a typical tourist, meaning wear long sleeves, both on your shirt and especially on your trousers. Don’t dress like a poor backpacker as well: show that you are a regular guy with a regular job who knows how to behave regularly :-)

Sounds boring? Just add your smile! Thai women are attracted by status and authority. Just like in the west: first impressions count!

When you look like a person who has a steady income and who treats himself with respect, chances are big you can sustain a family and treat your wife and family with respect. Now which women doesn’t want that? For sure the women in Thailand do because this type of guy is hard to find amongst traditional Asian men!

How to say hello in ThailandHow to say hello in Thailand

Now you know what Thai brides are looking for, you just need to offer them that. How to break the ice? Know how to say Sawadika (meaning "Hello" in the Thai language) bow your head, put your hands together and smile : Thailand is the land of the eternal smiles!

Once in the airplane, switch on the in-flight Thai language course and learn as much Thai phrases as you can. Once you land in Thailand: use Sawadika everywhere and try the rest of your Thai phrases out on anybody around you. You will be soon the center of attraction and from that moment onwards, it’s up to you to see which ladies are looking at you whom you want to respond to with a smile. It’s as easy as that.

Ok, if you are the type that needs a beer to get your courage, do know that in places where beer is served, Thai girls are mostly working for money, be it in the service industry or in the sex industry. So don’t think it’s the beer doing the trick :-)

For more tips about finding a Thai online date and why you always need to meet your Thai wife in Thailand : read further at Thai wife.

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