How to sweet talk a girl

Be the guy that gets and keeps the girl when you know how to sweet talk a girl: 5 free expert tips that will teach you how to get a girl like you : each and every day.

In case you wonder how to get a girl to date you: 4 of these 5 tips will help you out! The 5th tip is to keep your girl once you have her into dating or a relationship.

The key in how to get with a girl, and stay with a girl is: communicating how attentive you are to:

how to sweet talk a girl5 proven ways to sweet talk a girl

1. Be Spontaneous

Don’t learn some sweet talk phrases by hearth and fire them randomly unless you want to be laughed at and not at all taken serious. Differ by telling her know how you feel:

Make sure you say how good you feel and of course how she is causing you to feel that way. Just make sure you practice this dating technique 24h/7!

2. Send her flowers

This dating tip works great when you let deliver a big bunch of romantic flowers at her office.

Add some sweet talk on a romantic card and your future girlfriend or regular date or spouse will be the centre of attention at her office.

Especially all the other girls and women in the office will be overly jealous of her romantic partner and your girlfriend earns tremendous bragging rights about you.

3. Notice changes and pay compliments

Here is where we separate the boys from the men dating successfully: men that observe their girl or woman closely and comment on it are the men women believe "they are in to them".

Of course you are into her, but maybe you are so occupied with your daily chores, that you forget to notice changes? Good for your job, bad for your relationship!

Make sure you notice when your girl has been to the hairdresser or has gone shopping. Notice what she bought: is she wearing new shoes, a new fragrant or did her skin tone change due to new make up?

Make sure you notice changes and compliment her in any positive way you can.

4. Tell her that you love her

So many men forget about the power of the simple 3 words: I love you! When was the last time you used the words "I love you"?

It is important to tell your loved one you love her over and over again. Even when she already knows you love her, repetition makes king! Telling your girlfriend or wife you love her makes her feel even more wanted and special.

5. Kiss her

This works best when she is your partner : don’t go kissing a women you met one second ago!

Make sure you kiss your girlfriend or partner hello and goodbye. Before going to work, give her a kiss. returning from work: give her a kiss. Sending her flowers? Make sure there are kisses on the note you wrote.

Same logic applies to giving her a hug!

How to get a hot girl

Knowing how to sweet talk works especially well when you are honest and trying to date a hot girl.

Most boys will only approach her because of her looks. Most likely you have the same reason to approach here but: to make a chance and kill your male competition, be attentive to what else makes you attracted to her.

Now make sure you tell her exactly that!

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