How to have sex on a first date

How to have sex on a first date

Who wants to date and romance 20 women or more a month? If you answered yes to this question you must be healthy, happy and single, and if you need a strategy to date every women you meet on the Internet, or how to have sex on a first date, then read on as we will share with you the secrets of dating not only Asian girls, but any girl you are attracted to!


Write your killer dating profile now!


The secret to a killer dating profile that gets lots and lots of responses (make sure to be on the right dating site, I mean if you are a man, go look for Asians on Asian dating sites and not on lesbian dating sites) is making sure you cover the next 5 topics in your profile:



So start with looking for good pictures in your archives. When you find pictures that represent you, only then put your first words into the dating profile. Serious girls look for pictures and start reading once they see what they like.


Copyright your hard work


There are many bored guys out there that steal other people’s pictures and become a success online (and can’t do anything offline because their pictures are fake). An easy way to keep your dating profile pictures safe is writing your name on it.


Those bored men are mostly too lazy to cut out the names of pictures and will steal the pictures without a name.


Now what are the Best Internet dating Sites?


The best Internet dating site is the one where stand out of the crowd without any effort. Who is your dating competition on any online dating site? Everybody!


But who is your competition on social communities like Facebook, Myspace and the like? Only these ones who read this article and have put in stead of a friends profile your killer dating profile online mentioned above. Nobody is on the alert that you are dating and you will have a much easier task to get to know new girls and women easily.


What about dating an Asian girl?


One of the great advantage of Internet dating is that you are able to hook yourself up with people from all over the world. Thousands of people have met, fallen in love, and married through Internet dating.


For shy people, dating on the Internet is an excellent way to meet girls! Also busy people that spend to much time in the office, Internet dating is an easy way to meet people who share your interests but are living in an Asian continent far away from you and also working hard like hell. Yes, the typical Asian girl is a "self made woman" who knows how to stand up for herself, even if the wages in her country are too low to make ends meet in the west.


Having said so, there are some Asian scammers that will ask you to send money to go to school, pay for their upcoming exam fee or get their sick mom to hospital. Even 75$ could be peanuts for you, but for those girls it means as much as another monthly income. You will those daters for money very fast: they will ask you for money after the 5th sentence they tell you and are willing to do anything as long as you send them the money. What’s too good to be true, is never true, also when it comes to this kind of Internet dating which will only make your pocket lighter and your mind crazy if you are not aware of what’s going on.


Any more safe dating tips are similar to offline dating: never give out your credit card passwords, prefer to give your office address and always meet up in a public place that you have informed someone about where you are going and whom you are meeting. Especially some places in South America are famous for kidnapping westerners for simply emptying their credit cards before releasing them.


Now how to have sex on the first date?


If you are a man that wants to date and romance 20 girls in a month, I am sure you want to know how to have sex on the first date, otherwise it will be difficult to date 20 different women in a month, right? Then read on what dating author John Alexander has to say to you:


The bad news is: having gone out with literally thousands of women and gone to bed with hundreds over the past two and a half decades, I’ve learned that there’s nothing you can do to GUARANTEE having sex with any particular woman.

However, by doing a few simple things, you can dramatically INCREASE THE ODDS of going all the way on the very first night of your relationship.

  • Meet her in a non-traditional venue

    By that I mean, don’t take her to a fancy dinner or do anything else that she associates with a "date." If you do, that puts her into the same "make him wait" mindset that she adopted with the last 100 guys who bought her a nice dinner.

    Instead meet her somewhere informal, like a coffee shop or some cheap diner for lunch. Don’t make a big deal out of who pays for what, because again, the last 100 guys she dated paid for her meal because, as was blatantly obvious to her, they were hoping to get laid.

    As an alpha male, you shouldn’t do anything because you’re "hoping to get laid." That reeks of desperation and kills attraction that a woman feels.

    A more attractive guy is one who gets laid all the time, so sex is no big deal to him. If a woman wants his attention, she has to earn it. In other words, he is a challenge for her, not a sure thing.

  • Have the proper mindset throughout the date

    You want to be relaxed and feeling sexual. (To get yourself into a sexual state, try watching porn just before the date, but don’t masturbate.) And it’s important to feel relaxed. No nervousness.

    For a woman to become sexual, she needs to feel relaxed and horny. It is important that you feel that exact way yourself, because studies have shown that when two people are in rapport, they eventually match emotional states with each other.

    So when you’re chilling with the girl, you should feel deeply relaxed and horny, and then engage her in conversation about neutral subjects until you see signs that she too is getting relaxed and horny.

  • Get her alone with you

    Let’s say you and the girl hit it off fantastically in the coffee shop, so you then take her to a bar to get a quick drink. Things are really going well there. The conversational vibe is excellent. You see signs of her increasing sexual arousal and openness to intimacy.

    Some signs of a woman’s deepening sexual attraction to you include:

    • Sitting with her inner thigh exposed.
    • Fidgeting with her clothes. She might even unfasten a button or two of her blouse.
    • She engages in "triangle gazing." She’ll look at one of your eyes, then another, and then at your mouth.
    • You notice her stealing glimpses at your chest and even your crotch.

    The problem is you can’t just say, "Let’s go to my place and have sex." With women you’re on a first date with, whenever you verbalize anything sexual, it kills the mood for her and results in you sleeping alone that night.

    Instead, mention an innocent excuse for the two of you to go to your place. (Examples could be, "You should come hear my ‘Best of the 80s’ CD" or "That’s awesome that you’re so good with art… I have a painting in my living room that I’d love to get your opinion on")

    Since the two of you have an "innocent" reason to be alone together, it avoids triggering the alarm bells in her mind that scream, "Uh oh! I don’t want to be a slut!"

    Once the two of you are then alone, isolated at your place, you can set the scene for the seduction.

    It can take several hours for the woman to feel comfortable enough with you at your house, so you need to be patient.

    Sit on your couch and watch a movie. Slowly escalate. Hold hands, stroke her hair, and so on from there.

    Sexually, women are like irons. They heat up slowly. Keep that in mind and don’t rush things, and you’ll have your maximum shot at having sex on a first date.

John Alexander is author of "How to Become an Alpha Male". Learn the 7 Step Seduction System that takes you from saying "hello" to a new woman… to sharing orgasms in bed with her… in just one evening!


Now you know how to find more girls on the Internet to date and if needed how to have sex on a first date, all that keeps you from having a date is joining our free dating site and start applying what you just learned.

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