Free Asian Dating

Free Asian Dating

Found this free Asian dating site cum online dating service offering offline their guesthouse in Thailand as the ideal meeting place between you and your future Thai wife.


Traditional Thai ladies


Browsing for Asian online dating sites I stumbled upon Thai Dating Sites featuring "Traditional Thai Ladies" run by English teacher David and his Thai wife Am.


Unlike many other free dating websites that earn their income from advertising, Traditional Thai Ladies seems is the first online dating service I know to fully offer their services for free. How can they do that?


Because their matchmaking philosophy is based on 2 pillars:


  1. providing an unique dating service for helping honest, deserving ladies from within their local community: turning away Thai ladies that are unknown to them because you can only be sure of people’s intentions when you know them
  2. David & Am see you as a potential long-term friend and neighbour


Asian dating services

David and Am running their free Asian dating services and their superb guesthouse in Chiang Mai, Thailand: one room is kept free should a client feel they need to be close to David and Am for help and support in the beginning of their stay in Thailand.


Traditional Thai Ladies offers you a unique service, based around introducing you to:



Here’s how it works:



Since their dating services want to match women from their local community, there are only about 100 Thailand personals to chose from. Unlike the thousands dating personals on other on line dating websites.


However, you are sure that you will be meeting a Thai woman "who’s a friend of a friend": these Thai women all know David & Am. When you are serious about getting a Thai wife, you will surely become friends with David and Am as well.


Knowing that Asian matchmaking for long has relied on Asian friends introducing their friends, David & Am follow in this tradition to find your perfect match. You could be their 4th successful dating match in less than 2 years!


When you run a unique free Asian dating site like David and Am, please leave a comment to get your Asian singles websites featured.

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