Seven Things Every Man Should Know Before Dating or Marrying a Chinese Woman

Fake Profile Pictures

10 hot tips to recognize fake dating pictures and profiles.

How many times did you read a profile where the guy earns a 6 figure income or the girl looks hotter than Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie together?

It’s easy to spot the red flags from dating imposters. However the excitement in believing that your dream person suddenly popped up in front of your eyes: this excitement overrules those red flags easily. So take a cold shower or a cold drink, put your feet back on the ground and read on how to spot true personals and ignore a fake date.

Asian dating involves distance: when you live in the US and are looking for a filipina bride, you most likely don’t know any filipina celebrity, so girls from the Philippines can easily fool you with the above of Diana Zubiri.

Who uses a fake dating profile or a fake dating picture?

Fake dating profileFirst and foremost, people that fake it, have something to hide: be it themselves or be it their intentions.

The latter are the most sick ones: they pray on what you are looking for and just don’t seem to be able to find.

Then there are the people with way to much time on their hands who love to kill time online chatting with whomever they can find. Harmless but a waste of time.

Last but not least there are people who feel insecure about themselves and hide between a fake personality.

As anywhere on the Internet, there are scammers out there. Most of them are just after your pocket money and won’t hesitate to almost immediately state their intentions. The common questions are: “I need some extra money for my studies”, or “my mom is sick and I need to buy some medicine”. Some however are in for the big bucks and would go all the length to even fake a marriage, as long as it can benefit them in the long run.

Don’t try to feel like you can be his or her savior: they need to grow up, find their forte and once that’s done, they will be able to show you their real colors.

How to spot a fake dating profile

Fake dating profiles

The above profile looks stunning, a guy poses with his friend, so what could be fake here? Well, if you don’t watch TV, you won’t know these are the winners of the Amazing Race Asia…

  1. Fake profile picturesIf it looks to good to be true, it most likely is. But in order not to miss out on a true gorgeous dating profile, do check out if any of the following is true or not:
  2. Thumbnail pictures are normally fake, look for decent sized pictures in any dating profile.
  3. Are there any pictures of friends and family? Most fake pictures depict only one person.
  4. On Facebook, Myspace and other online communities, look at comments of friends like: "lovely dinner we had yesterday", "are you in town next week?", "you look as stunning as when you were in college"… Of course this doesn’t apply when you are on a truly dating site.
  5. A person with fake dating pictures cannot meet you in person:
  6. when you ask for a date, they will always come up with "last minute" excuses. Don’t waste time with people who don’t show up, I mean: the whole purpose of dating is to get a date!
  7. they will live on the other side of the world, hence can postpone a real date endlessly
  8. Don’t fall for the naughty or sexy pictures trade of the guy not wearing a shirt and asking you a similar picture…
  9. Follow your gut feeling: if something feels wrong, most likely it is.
  10. Don’t get desperate, especially when you have been single for a long time, you could easily be blinded with a fake profile.

Always be cautious when dating online: some people are fishing for the wrong reasons with artificial bait. Profiles that show pictures with friends and family are mostly genuine.

Don’t write anything negative about yourself in your dating profile, because it’s easy to manipulate you when you openly admit what you are missing.

Last but not least: do your homework and get acquainted with celebrities of the Asian countries you want to date in. Just imagine how utterly stupid you become when you say you love the Philippines and their culture, when a girl an simply fool you with fake profile pictures of Filipino celebrities.

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