Dating Korean Women

Although there are no specific rules for dating Korean women, following these tips will strongly increase your chances to a very successful relationship with Korean girls.

When east meets west : when you are a westerner, do know that things are done differently in Korea outdoors compared to indoors. Ever seen a movie about a couple in Paris kissing and holding hands in the middle of the streets? Acceptable for westerners, taboo for Koreans and lots of Asians for that matter.

The most physical affection you can give in public is holding hands. Hugging and kissing is hardly done in public. So if you only meet your Korean girl in public places, you could feel that she is not at all affectionate. Just know that your feeling could be wrong: she can have feelings for you, but she won’t show them in ways you expect western girls to react.

Slow and steady

Dating Korean WomenAsians do think that westerners have the habit of sleeping around with anybody they talk to in a bar or pub… I admit, this is a little exaggerated, but you get the idea. It’s quite the opposite of showing a romantic approach.

The Korean woman, like any other women for that matter, wants to be respected. And the only way to get a persons respect is spending a lot of time together, in a respectful way of course. Start with getting to know what she likes and dislikes. Find out how she acts when she is sad, happy or afraid. If you love what you find out, then by all means:

Slow and steady: when you know each other for a few months, then you can start thinking of asking her out on a date. Take her to a Korean restaurant so she can teach you more about her food and culture. And by all means, make sure you pay the bill!

If you can cook, then after some dates you can ask her out on a dinner at your place (do insist: only dinner, and follow through). In Asian, most of the time women do the cooking, so if you have the skills and love standing in the kitchen, by all means use this as an overwhelming advantage on other men. Do watch what’s on order in a Korean restaurant: you won’t impress her with soggy, oily fish and chips.

Be sure to ask her out as Korean girls will normally wait for the guy to take the initiative. Once you take initiative, you show that you care for her, just don’t rush anything or like they say here: slowly, slowly climb the hill.

Parents and age

Korean parents would love to see their daughter marrying another Korean. The younger she is, the more the parents will object to an interracial marriage. However, when the girl is around her thirties, the parents would be happy that their daughter marries the love of her life, no matter what race he comes from. As long as their future son in law upholds strong Korean values like:

The older the girl, the bigger the chances she has a degree, or lives abroad: both factors imply they are more open to an interracial marriage than the more younger and traditional Korean girl living in Korea.

Always make sure to ask the parents for their blessing before even thinking about marriage. And do know, even when the western paperwork is in order, for the Korean parents, you will only be truly married if you ask them their daughter’s hand in the Korean tradition and they can organize a wedding banket.

Korean girls are submissive, shy and obedient …

Yes they are, but not the way you are imagining this… First and foremost: the Korean girl tends to obey her parents first, so make sure you kind of date the parents as well.

When they smile, they tend to close their mouth with their hands: not that they are shy, but that’s the way they have been brought up: polite, dignified and proud.

Although Korean girls are very affectionate, they most likely won’t be the one who will start physical contact. They expect the westerner to have much more experience, but they aren’t interested in any bull that shows more balls than brains.

Westerners do think that Asian girls are easy prey. If that’s your idea, you couldn’t be wrong more. If you give the girl the slightest hint that you are just in it for fun, that you aren’t sincere nor respectful, you will never get her interested in you.

If you are the kissing type, do know that it’s utterly confusing for Korean girls to see a man kissing a girl who isn’t his wife nor girlfriend. The rule of thumb here is: westerners get literary closer by getting physical, Asians get physical after they know and like each other very well.

Summarized: dating Korean women is easy when you are a respectful person having the patience to get to know the girl and her culture very well before even thinking about kissing. Be extremely patient about physical contacts so your woman will know that you respect her. Always remember that Koreans are proud to be Korean and make sure to impress her parents at least as much as you want to impress her!

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