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A certain level of cultural clashes and perhaps even some sort of disconnect can be reasonably expected by Western men when it comes to dating Filipino girls. However, as many men from all over the world have experienced, finding a Filipina woman and having a successful relationship with her is not that difficult and is actually a fulfilling and worthwhile endeavor.

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Interracial relationships are nothing new and in fact are very common. Statistics exist to back this up. Figures from the web site of Asian Nation, for example, show that both men and women from the West have established relationships with Asians of various nationalities. Specifically, it indicates that black men as well as Hispanic or Latino men from the United States are most likely to have a Filipino wife.¹

Even without the benefit of statistics, one only has to roam the streets and malls in various areas of the Philippines to see foreigners with their Filipino girlfriends or wives. It isn’t just bar girls who attract the attention of Western men either. Teachers, doctors, fashion designers, and many other professional and highly educated Filipino women have also found their "significant other" in men of other races.

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There are many reasons why dating Filipino girls is such an attractive proposition for many Western men. Of course, there are many beautiful Filipino women; but then there are beautiful women all over Asia and the rest of the world. The Filipino girl’s appeal to others not of their race lie mainly in other factors aside from physical appearance.

For one thing, there is less of a language barrier since English is widely spoken and understood in the Philippines. The country has one of the lowest illiteracy rates in the world, and English is one of its official languages.²

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For another thing, Filipinas are known to be loyal and hard-working. Many of them are also raised to be good homemakers who create a nurturing and welcoming home environment. Coming to terms with a Filipina’s strong sense of family and understanding her cultural background are therefore necessary for foreign men who are interested in dating Filipino girls.

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