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The Dating Asian Woman in the Global Arena

What stereotypes are thrown to the dating Asian woman?

The dating Asian man is short and so must be assumed that also his you know what…

Asian woman thanks to countries like Thailand have the stereotype that the dating Asian woman must be easy to get and for sure an exotic sex bomb, obedient, nice and submissive… WRONG!!!

Does the dating Asian woman prefer white men?

It is getting more common that more white men are marrying more Asian women. This is simple as the world borders are becoming less and whites +  Asians are the area’s two largest world racial groups.

Yet as mentioned before: once on the global dating tour, the dating Asian woman has to be warned that there are still white men out there looking for a cheap Patpong Bangkok or Phuket sex tour or import a cheap poor Asian mail-order bride for no real reason other than sex. The dating Asian woman has to shred through those men, luckily if she keeps her eyes open, the white man’s intentions mostly become very clear in the first 5 minutes…

Does the dating Asian woman have an advantage over other dating women?

Well, thanks to the old stereotypes and the exotic looks, the dating Asian woman starts with a head-start (yet with an extra task of sifting out the dreamers from the real men).

Yet once that is cleared, also the dating Asian man seems to be less preferred by the white man. And that is mostly because the Asian men also has a stereotype of the Asian woman… and gets offset when the dating Asian woman has a strong personality  a high education and a strong financial independence.

And the trend in Asian dating agency’s is that with the same amount of men and women, the dating Asian woman just is getting more and more “in demand”.

 The dating Asian woman = ASIAN POWER

Most of all the sentence “Asian Power” is marketing all Asians, included the dating Asian woman. Asian Power stands for thriving energy, intelligence and economic growth and economic independence: this adds to the modern status of the dating Asian woman!

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