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The Dating Asian Man in the Global Arena

What stereotypes are thrown to the dating Asian man?

The dating Asian man vs Brad Pitt

What has the dating Asian man in common with Brad Pitt? At most they are the same size, yet Brad Pitt is sex symbol number 1 these days, not the dating Asian man… What is more: we do know Bruce lee and Jackie Chan as the best fighters of the world, but do we know any good Asian romantic man? Or remember the 2 Asian brothers on the Amazing Race: nice but stupid to wait for others? Not stupid for them as it was their way of marketing themselves to the world, yet the name of “not so smart” is adopted.

The dating Asian man becomes a blond

Looking too much at the western stereotypes, the dating Asian man started to colour his hair blond… Since that was a bit of a ridiculous colour, the dating Asian man coloured his hair yellow. And got busted by the police who thinks every Asian man with yellow hair must be an illegal VCD-DVD seller…

The dating Asian man gets help 

Asian men are put on the world map thanks to basketball player Yao Ming: over with the stereotype that all Asians are small men with everything small assumed…

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