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Found this free Asian dating site cum online dating service offering offline their guesthouse in Thailand as the ideal meeting place between you and your future Thai wife. Browsing for Asian online dating sites I stumbled upon Thai Dating Sites featuring "Traditional Thai Ladies" run by English teacher David and his Thai wife Am. Unlike [...]

Thai wife

Enjoy your Thai wife: learn all you need to know and do to get yourself a Thai wife. Where to find a Thai wife? Obviously you will meet Thai women in Thailand. You don’t need to go to Thailand to find Thai brides: every Asian dating online website will have some pretty Thai personals to [...]

Making Friends in France

If you learn a language: it’s fun when you can practice the language on your colleagues, the country you want to visit or international pen friends. The easiest way to meet people from other countries these days is through the Internet. Gone are the days that you needed to wait one month to get a [...]

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this Asian Dating Online site is the new place to make Asian friends. It was originally hosted at Learn French at to put Asian (Malaysian) students learning French in contact with French speaking people worldwide. It became clear that the French world is bigger than only France, and profiles from Ivory Coast came flooding [...]

How to ask a girl on a date

You could say: if there is love in the air, then the rest will follow accordingly. Well, out of my own experience, things aren’t as easy when it comes to communicating what’s inside you. Therefore it always help to have some extra help on how to ask a girl on a date, as you also [...]

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What is your favorite online dating site? Where did you find the online date of your life? Please leave a comment and share your dating website experience with us. Online Dating Sites Questions If you don’t know why exactly one dating site has your preference, try to answer one (or more of course) of the [...]

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When our French Malaysian dating site started to grow, we suddenly noticed a lot of French people with color joining in. Of course that’s because France has been colonizing a big part of Africa, hence a lot of Africans do speak as good French as the people in France. But with so many personals from [...]