Seven Things Every Man Should Know Before Dating or Marrying a Chinese Woman

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How to date an Asian woman

Get an Asian date faster than you can say wow: nothing easier than dating Asian women, once you know the secrets how: no matter your age nor looks.

Sexy Asian women escorts dating

There is a fine line between sexy Asian women escorts dating and getting involved with prostitution. That’s exactly what happened with Malaysian math genius Sufiah Yusof case… No more excuses to say there aren’t hot geek girls out there… Sufiah Yusof is a true Asian, Malaysian girl that went to Oxford, England to study. In [...]

Love of Asian Woman

I wanted to post a video from loveofasianwoman dot com in the hope of promoting the Asian women… but watching the video … it’s not really accurate. I mean: we don’t go shopping wearing only a bikini. In other words: it’s just a video showing beautiful Asian girls without you learning anything about how to [...]