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Get your most lovely date ever: browse through our totally free Asian personals with pictures and add your own. Once you have a date, let us know so we can feature your Asian dating online story on our blog! Featured pictures in today’s Asian personals post Join our Asian dating site for free and get [...]

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Join one of these 2 free Korean dating sites and immediately start sending emails or instant messages to your new Korean girl friend. Always remember the cultural difference when dating Asian women on line: In the West, we are taught to stand up for ourselves and be seen an individual. In the East, the saying [...]

Free Asian Dating

Found this free Asian dating site cum online dating service offering offline their guesthouse in Thailand as the ideal meeting place between you and your future Thai wife. Browsing for Asian online dating sites I stumbled upon Thai Dating Sites featuring "Traditional Thai Ladies" run by English teacher David and his Thai wife Am. Unlike [...]

Asian Online Dating – 7 steps to marry Asian Brides

Enjoy Asian feminine charms and their gentle, tender loving from the moment you meet Asian women online. Dating Asian women is easy when you know how to approach the cultural differences between Asian ladies and westerners using the 7 dating tips below. 1. Join Asian dating sites A good place to start finding Asian singles [...]

Picking up Japanese women in Hawaii

Chatting on the Internet I got asked how to pick up Japanese women in Hawaii. The chatter was on holiday in Hawaii and well, for all the beautiful Hawaiian girls out there, he wanted to pick up Japanese women. Why? Because he found Japanese girls equally beautiful and was in for a holiday date in [...]

Nanpa Japanese video

Our nanpa Japanese video shows 2 Caucasian guys trying to pick up 2 cute gorgeous Japanese women in the street. Of course without much of success unless you are happy with Japanese girls giggling away and not explaining you why… What is nanpa? Nanpa is a Japanese type of flirting and seducing among Japanese teens [...]