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Who wants to date Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis put herself on auction. Well, not really herself, but you could pay for a date with her as a promotion of her new film Sex and the City (which will be out in May this year). A romantic date with Kristin Davis could cost you more than 50K… Meanwhile she spiced up her [...]

When should I call after a first date

We will give you the simple basic rules of when you should call after a first date. First you have to know whether you are a woman or a man… Go Asian dating first and join our totally free personals! When should a woman call after a first date Most likely never, unless you didn’t [...]

Get yourself a date: sign up now!

Since you are here looking for a date, all you need to do is signing up at our totally free personals! Hurry, only 5 girls left!Join totally free personals now! If you join now and add your picture, you will be featured on this blog! How’s that for extra exposure only for you dating Asians [...]

Making Friends in France

If you learn a language: it’s fun when you can practice the language on your colleagues, the country you want to visit or international pen friends. The easiest way to meet people from other countries these days is through the Internet. Gone are the days that you needed to wait one month to get a [...]

Love of Asian Woman

I wanted to post a video from loveofasianwoman dot com in the hope of promoting the Asian women… but watching the video … it’s not really accurate. I mean: we don’t go shopping wearing only a bikini. In other words: it’s just a video showing beautiful Asian girls without you learning anything about how to [...]

Dating Asian women

Don’t step on our toes when dating Asian women: as we won’t say anything yet you won’t see us again either… Other dating secrets are plenty as well and if you are really into the Asian girl, you should find them out or yourself when you join our totally free personals What is true is [...]

Asian dating site

this Asian Dating Online site is the new place to make Asian friends. It was originally hosted at Learn French at to put Asian (Malaysian) students learning French in contact with French speaking people worldwide. It became clear that the French world is bigger than only France, and profiles from Ivory Coast came flooding [...]

How to ask a girl on a date

You could say: if there is love in the air, then the rest will follow accordingly. Well, out of my own experience, things aren’t as easy when it comes to communicating what’s inside you. Therefore it always help to have some extra help on how to ask a girl on a date, as you also [...]

Totally Free Personals : Join now!

Please help me out and help yourself on a date and join now! Our totally free personals are growing slowly but surely. I just want to speed it up, so feel free to join already! If you add your profile now you will be noticed on the spot as the members are still limited but [...]

Christian Asian Dating

Make sure to join our totally free personals If religion is important for finding your perfect date, and he or she has to be Asian and Christian, then by all do means focus on the Philippines. On top of that: people of the Philippines are eager to work and live abroad, so they are flexible [...]