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Asian man white woman

You will see a lot of westerners in Asia being married with an Asian woman. The opposite: an Asian man married with a white woman is more scarce yet it’s not at all frowned upon. What are the secrets of dating an Asian man? You should find out for yourself when you join our totally [...]

Romantic pick up lines

Use these romantic pick up lines when you are a genuine romantic person (because I don’t want you to know the secrets of seducing another romantic person…). If you are serious about dating, than do things that are genuine you. (like joining our totally free personals). I mean: when you date in order to find [...]

Online Dating

What is your favorite online dating site? Where did you find the online date of your life? Please leave a comment and share your dating website experience with us. Online Dating Sites Questions If you don’t know why exactly one dating site has your preference, try to answer one (or more of course) of the [...]

Black Dating Website

When our French Malaysian dating site started to grow, we suddenly noticed a lot of French people with color joining in. Of course that’s because France has been colonizing a big part of Africa, hence a lot of Africans do speak as good French as the people in France. But with so many personals from [...]

Be my Valentine

Today is the day that restaurant tables are filled with 2 people only, so you better make a booking if you want to surprise your loved one! Even on a day like this: don’t forget to join our totally free personals! Valentine advice from myself… When it comes to dating, I find Valentine the ideal [...]